World's No.1 Fairness Cream for Men

1. The layers of male skin are thicker, approximately 20% thicker, due to which many products designed for Feminine use are not as effective on male skin. 2. Male skin pores are larger and there are more oil glands producing more lubrication for a longer period of time. This leads to male skin being more prone to oiliness, & acne.
Men also sweat more than women, and since their body hair is dense, the sweat takes longer to dry, increasing their chances of bacterial infection. Hence, a good skin care hygiene is very important to maintain the skin health.
4. Daily shaving has some uncomfortable side effects on the skin. Constant abrasion of skin due to Razor, alkaline shaving products and lack of regular Miniaturization makes Male Skin appear Darker and Irritated. When the skin reacts to this traumatic experience of shaving, it tends to over produce melanin, the naturally present skin pigment responsible for your color. This leads to hyper pigmentation of your skin and formation of Dark patches.
"Shaving your face every day has an enormous impact on your skin and is, unfortunately, at the root of most specifically male skin problems. Shaving does have its advantages: by acting as a sort of mini-massage, it boosts blood circulation and increases the skin's oxygen supply. But improper shaving techniques will, over a period of time, not only nullify these benefits, but does serious damage to even the healthiest skin. They will certainly make you look less than your best when you walk out of your door in the morning."
5. Male skin is also somewhat deeper in skin color due to greater amount of melanin in skin cells. Hence, for best results on skin lightening/fairness, one must use the skin fairness products especially designed to deliver skin lightening. 6. Finally, more percentage of men work outdoors than women for similar activities, and hence men are more prone to Tanning, Spot formation & Un-Even skin color.
Fair & Handsome, through its pioneering research in Male skin, especially Indian male skin, has designed the Worlds No. 1 Fairness cream for men. 

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