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Fair and Handsome

Fair and Handsome is a pioneer brand from the house of Emami.

In 2005, the company forayed into the men’s fairness category, which was a first for any FMCG company in India at that time. Emami created Fair and Handsome, a marketing history in the category of men’s fairness creams.

Today we are the largest brand in the Men’s Fairness category and second largest in overall fairness category in India. With the launch of Fair and Handsome, fairness no longer remained exclusive for the eves of the country and provided the men an opportunity to break free from being the closet users of women’s fairness creams, and still look fair. The launch of Fair and Handsome was based on researches that found that the texture of man’s skin is different from that of a woman and needs a product designed exclusively for them.

The Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan has been our brand ambassador for the past 8 years. Even after competitors launched similar products in the market, we’ve continued to earn your trust and have remained the No.1 Fairness Cream.

Men are generally more exposed to sun and dust. Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s skin, with larger pores and more melanin production making them more prone to darker skin.

Fair and Handsome with its 5 Action Fairness system for the tough male skin provides:
  • Oil Control
  • Sun Protection
  • Dark Spot reduction
  • Sweat Control
  • Long Lasting Fairness