Fair And Handsome

A pioneer brand from the house of Emami

Our Story

In 2005, Fair And Handsome launched the first-ever cream specially formulated for men. With this breakthrough innovation, it flagged off the Men’s Grooming revolution in India, taking it beyond shaving. This move was the culmination of years of meticulous research and development in understanding how men’s skin is significantly different from women’s skin.

Healthy and radiant skin are no longer exclusive for women. The launch of Fair And Handsome provided men with the opportunity to break free from being closet users of women’s skin care products and still ace Handsome-giri. Fair And Handsome was launched based on research which found that the texture of men’s skin is different from that of a woman. And, there is a need for products that are designed exclusively for men.

Fair And Handsome has had some very credible endorsements from time to time from celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Vidyut Jamwal, Kartik Aryan and most recently, Salman Khan.

Fair And Handsome products with their Pro-PeptideTM and Acti-RadiantTM technologies, provide tough male skin with –

  • Instant Radiance
  • Sun Protection
  • Dark Spot Reduction
  • Oil Control
  • Revitalized Fresh Skin
  • Fresh and Youthful Look