Frequently Asked

Our experts have tried to answer all the questions that we have received from our loyal users. If you don't get your answer here, drop us a mail at and we will get back to you!

1. What is Deep Action Peptide?

It is a peptide formula developed by Emami skin care expert in collaboration with USA based Dr. Chanda Zaveri, Internationally renowned scientist and protégé of 2 times Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. Peptides are smaller chain constituents of Skin's main building block, Proteins, and due to their smaller size, they penetrate better and improve the skin quality.

2. I am having a healthy, problem-free skin, do I need to still care about my skin?

Facial skin, being far less protected than other body parts, is subject to change with age and UV damage. Changing weather conditions leave skin feeling dull and lifeless. Along with it add the shaving rigors that your skin has to go through. To maintain a fresh, handsome look all the time, it requires a little extra care.

3. Isn’t skin care meant for the girls, I shave, wash my face regularly, then why do I need to add an extra step?

Yes, you are partially true. That is the reason our experts have understood the male skin needs better and faster care than anyone else and designed the products that just needs 10 seconds from your daily routine. This cream can be used along with your everyday skincare routine.

4. What do you mean by being Fair and Handsome?

Our experts have found that it takes less than a minute to make or break an impression and over 90% of this is based on your appearance. Your face says so much about your health, vitality which again depends on your diet, lifestyle, exercise and wellness. It is just not about being fairer but about looking handsome and good. Extend a part of your daily routine for skin care and use this cream. Like your trusted friend, if you take good care of your face, your face will take good care of you!

5. What is so different in the New Advanced Fair and Handsome?

The New Advanced Fair and Handsome is specifically formulated to delight our consumers. The formulation gives:

  • More sun protection
  • More dark spot reduction
  • More sweat control
  • More oil control
  • Resulting in long lasting fairness

6. I shave regularly and my skin appears smoother and better, then why should I use Fair and Handsome?

Shaving is a regime that exfoliates your surface skin cells and makes your skin appear smoother. But that is only temporary, as the day goes by, your skin will not remain smooth. Shaving is a pretty traumatic process. Every stroke of your blade does damage, scraping off the outermost layers of the skin and leaving you defenceless against infection and irritation. The actives in the Fair & Handsome cream help repair damage by rebuilding the skin’s protective barrier as quickly as possible.

The Fair & Handsome cream helps restore lost moisture and calm any visible irritation. The cream has been designed not only for giving you a healthy, smooth skin today but for a Fairer and handsome skin in the long run.

7. Do I need to use Fair and Handsome cream regularly?

Fair and Handsome should be used twice a day for ZYADA results. While individual results may vary, studies have shown that consumers can see real fairness benefits starting from the very first week of use. The product contains ingredients which understands the tough male skin and gives an instant glow on application.

8. Is it to be applied in the morning right after shaving or can be applied in the night?

Our experts recommend that Fair & Handsome cream should be used twice daily - once in the morning and once in the evening after cleansing/shaving your face.

9. How does Fair and Handsome reduce my skin’s dark spots?

It has been confirmed by research that antioxidants are one of the potent molecules for dark spot reduction. The new advanced Fair and Handsome contains powerful antioxidants, which are proven to reduce free radical damage to skin and therefore reduce the dark spots.

10. I have an oily skin, will applying Fair and Handsome cream reduce oiliness?

Oil is been secreted by skin as a natural protecting factor. If you put talcum powder, for some time oil will be absorbed, but over a period of time you will see oil patches again being formed. The new Fair and Handsome cream is been designed for male skin that has larger skin pores and therefore is more oily and is more sweaty than female skin. The cream only soaks up the excess oil, giving you a sweat-free, oil-free look.

11. Has the efficacy of Fair and Handsome fairness cream dermatologically tested on Indian male skin?

Yes, Fair and Handsome Fairness cream has been extensively tested on Indian male skin through clinical trials.

12. I often go out in sun and get tanned easily, will Fair and Handsome make my skin sun-protected?

Fair and Handsome contains Sun Protection Actives that are ideal for protection from the harsh Indian Sun Requirements. It comes with clinically tested SPF of 15* formula, which provides you adequate protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, which otherwise results in sun tan.

13. I have lots of facial hair, will Fair and Handsome be still able to give me fairness?

Yes. Our actives are been designed for the tough male skin. Recommended frequency of usage will be twice daily.

14. What are the new ingredients added in the new advanced Fair and Handsome?

With potent Vitamin B3 and “micro-absorbers” and Sun protection factor of 15+, the new Fair and Handsome gives you ZYADA fairness.

15. I have read about harmful side- effects of fairness creams, is it safe to use Fair and Handsome on my skin?

Fair and Handsome has been extensively tested and been used by millions of Indians over the past many years, it has been designed with Safe and Tested ingredients, that comply with global standards of safety, there are no known and reported long term side effects of using Fair & Handsome on regular skin types. Therefore, prolonged use of Fair and Handsome cream should not have any side effect on your skin.

16. I am using this cream for a week and still not seeing any results, shall I continue using this cream?

All skin types differ from person to person, however, if the product is not being used regularly or without cleansing of face or less amount-this can affect the product efficacy. Also if you are been over-exposed to sun, stress or suffering from any skin related problems the product may not deliver its best.

Sometimes our skin does not allow the fairness peptide to act (whose percentage is low). All these may lead to little or absolutely no delivery of the active, hence you’re advised to continue using the cream as recommended for at least 4 weeks at least twice a day and adopt a healthy diet and living style to see maximum results.

17. Does Fair and Handsome has bleach or any such ingredient?

Fair And Handsome does not have any bleach or any other ingredient which would have adverse effect on skin. Fair And Handsome is clinically tested to ensure it is safe and effective for use.

18. Does Fair and Handsome has any studies to support the claims for ZYADA fairness?

Yes, Fair and Handsome Fairness cream has been extensively tested on Indian male skin through clinical trials.

19. I have a sensitive, acne prone skin, Is it fine to use Fair and Handsome?

Fair and handsome helps in reducing excess oil, which is one of the main causes behind acne. The product has been designed to absorb excess oil and sweat and it is safe to be used on all skin types.

20. Has Fair and Handsome been tested on animals?

We are against animal cruelty and so our products have never been tested on animals..