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I have an oily skin, will applying Fair And Handsome Cream reduce oiliness?

The oil secreted by your skin serves as a natural protection. However, since men’s skin has larger pores, they tend to sweat more and secrete more oil compared to women’s skin. This makes men’s skin more prone to excess oiliness. The New Fair And Handsome Radiance Cream is designed for superior reduction, and gives you a radiant and youthful look. For best results, cleanse your face with Fair And Handsome 100% Oil Clear Instant Radiance Face Wash and then apply Fair And Handsome Radiance Cream.

I often go out in the sun and get tanned easily. Will Fair And Handsome protect my skin from sun damage?

Fair And Handsome contains Sun Protection Actives that are ideal for protecting tough male Skin from the harsh Indian sun. It contains a lab-tested SPF 10 formula which provides your skin adequate protection against the harmful UVB rays.

I have dry skin. Can I use Fair And Handsome?

Yes, you can use Fair And Handsome Radiance Cream. It gives you moisturised skin.


I have dry skin. Can I use Fair And Handsome Hexapro Range?

Fair And Handsome Hexapro Professional Range is specially designed for all types of skins of men. Hence, yes! you can use the range for moisturisation and salon like radiance for your dry skin.

Can I use the Fair And Handsome Hexapro Professional Range during winter?

Skin experts recommend using Fair And Handsome Hexapro Professional Range in all seasons.

Can I use Fair And Handsome Hexapro Professional Range during all seasons?

Skin experts recommend using Fair And Handsome Hexapro Professional Range in all seasons.

I am 16-years-old. Can I use Fair And Handsome Hexapro Range?

Fair And Handsome Hexapro Professional Range is to be used by individuals above 16-years of age.

Are the products of Fair And Handsome Hexapro Range tested on animals?

We are against animal cruelty and so our products have never been tested on animals.

Do Fair And Handsome Hexapro products have bleach or any such ingredient?

Fair And Handsome HEXAPRO products do not have any bleach or other ingredients that can have adverse effects on skin.

What is so different in the Fair And Handsome and the Hexapro Professional Range?

Crafted specially for young professionals, Fair And Handsome and Hexapro Range is designed for men's tough skin to give facial delight and salon like radiance at home.

Does the Fair And Handsome Hexapro Range brighten the face or gives it a glow?

Yes, Fair And Handsome Hexapro Professional Range is specially designed to give salon like radiance on men's tough skin.

How many times can I use the range?

All six products in this range is specially designed for 20 facials at home.


Harshpal Verma

I love it and regular user of this product

Mohammad Habib

Good Quality! Superb product


When I was going to buy this product I had looked at the reviews of this product but most of it were bad. But when I tried this cream this worked perfectly for me. So I suggest you all to buy a small pack and then try it and if it works then you are all good to use this. I think this cream works best for dry skin.


The product is really oil free. Keeps the skin fresh like an expensive face wash.

Amazon User_1987

Best for oily skin. The best cream for oily skin men, and it has no side effects. Men with oil production factory on their face should blindly go for this product, it actually dosen’t make your complextion fair, what it does is that this product absorbs the excess oil on your face that brings out your original skin tone.


Product is very nice for all types of skin. Makes the face skin looks smooth. I have chosen this & having no regret over my purchase.

Shajudeen c p

Good product, suitable for all types of skins.

Shivam Sharma

Good product and price. Best for men’s face.

Rohit . R

I am using this for a very long time, can't say anything about the effects on my skin, but in summer time it is very useful to me. No sweat came out of my face after applying it. I got in a very good price which is impossible to get from local store. So I am enjoying this purchase. I have purchased it on first week of Feb. 2021 and you can see it's manufacturing date in the picture.

Ayan Adhikary

Truly awesome. I am using this product since my childhood... Obviously very good product by emami. Loved it not only for its name fair and handsome but also its quality. It it really causes the sun protection and also the oily protection for men face. Every man can use this product who want their their face glowy.

Aviral Jain

The face wash is great, gives a cooling effect on face, smell is nice and clears the dirt and oil in no time.

Divyansh Singh

I don’t use fairness products on a daily basis, but this product suits my dry-sensitive skin. It dosen’t create any issues. Dosen’t dry out my face too much. Overall it’s a nice product, just take a small quantity and apply on your face and neck.

Emphatic Suman

Brilliant product. Does the job, very caring for male skin. Must buy at this reasonable price range.